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You'll be helping to save children's lives.

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Direct debit transactions using account numbers and pre-SEPA bank routing codes (Bankleitzahl) can only be processed for German banks.

Direct debit transactions from outside of Germany can only be processed if the bank concerned is a participant in the SEPA Payment Scheme and you provide us with your IBAN and BIC.

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Making donations is a matter of trust.

The protection of your data is very important to us. Your data is transferred to us securely in encrypted form via an SSL connection. Further details regarding the storage, processing and use of your personal data can be found in our data protection information (in German).

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Mandate reference: MDWepicudM8q
Mandate reference allows for unique identification of the SEPA Direct Debit Authorization.

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I can demand the reimbursement of the amount debited within eight weeks after date of debit. Terms agreed with my bank apply.

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