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More than 1.6 billion children worldwide have been affected by school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reopening schools continues to be challenging and there is a risk that decades of educational progress for children will be reversed worldwide. 

Despite the pandemic and its long-term consequences, together with tesa, we are responding to this exceptional situation to give children worldwide the chance for a better future. 

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Safe Back to School

tesa SE's continued support and participation in our global "Safe Back to School" initiative is therefore extremely important. With an additional donation of €250,000 euros, tesa's financial support for Save the Children has increased to a total of 1.5 million euros. 

Together with partners like tesa, we can help 150 million children worldwide return to school safely. With this global campaign, Save the Children is working to bring children’s rights to education to the global forefront. 

For example, we have initiated reading camps where children learn to read through play; and we facilitate radio-based lessons in countries like Uganda, where children often have no access to digital media. Working with local governments also helps anchor the child's right to education at the state level and bring about lasting change for children.   



Portrait Dr Norman Goldberg

The best investment in the future is to invest in our children's education. With our current donation, we are making our contribution to the crisis management and support Save the Children in breaking the cycle of poverty on a sustainable basis, even beyond the time of the pandemic.

Dr. Normal Goldberg, CEO, tesa SE


Instead of developing a single project, we are working with tesa to develop successful, evidence-based education programs as part of Save the Children’s global COVID-19 response.

The ever-changing situation during the COVID-19 pandemic requires us to constantly adapt to new risks and opportunities in order to reach the world’s most marginalized children. Our global strategy therefore aims to respond quickly and flexibly. Our teams of experts work with local children and families to develop action plans to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic. 

COVID-19 emergency response in India

The COVID-19 pandemic shook India to the point that the healthcare system was on the verge of collapse. The second wave in the Spring of 2021 surged through India with severe consequences. Health facilities and hospitals began to overflow with patients and the staff was overworked. Under these conditions, children suffered from not only the virus itself, but also from the loss their relatives, the stability of their home lives, and their schools. Our emergency response in India thus focuses on their protection throughout the crisis.

Thanks to the additional €250,000 euros donated by tesa, we were able to reach more than 615,000 people with our emergency response in India! For example, we have made access to healthcare services faster and easier for patients in rural areas and directly supported children through counselling and materials needed for learning continuity, such as hygiene and education products.

Six projects, three continents, and so many children who can continue their educations: In 2020 tesa and Save the Children came together for a one-million-euro partnership under the motto "Education connects. Together everywhere."! 

Our education initiatives spanned six countries in the Asia, Latin America and Europe: Vietnam, China, India, Mexico, Italy, and Germany

Our goal from the start of our partnership with tesa has been and continues to be to strengthen societal solidarity by supporting communities and families. Together, we provide a protective umbrella for a growing generation. 

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