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Ratana, 12, in ihrer Schule am Tonle-Sap-See, Kambodscha

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Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, decades of progress in providing education for children worldwide has been in danger of being reversed: An estimated 1.6 billion children have been temporarily unable to attend school, and now returning remains a major challenge. In addition, the situation in some countries is complicated by conflicts and natural disasters resulting from global climate change.

This is an exceptional situation in which action is needed. Together with tesa, we are supporting educational initiatives around the world to give disadvantaged children the chance of a better future.

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Safe Back to School and Learning

Through Save the Children’s global "Safe Back to School and Learning" (SB2SL) initiative, tesa has been significantly involved for years in providing children with access to education, totaling a financial support to 1.75 million euros. This commitment to education for all by partners like tesa will help us enable around 150 million children worldwide to return safely to school.

The initiative places education as its main focus but takes a holistic approach to countering obstacles to education. Causes here include discrimination, the distance children must travel to school, nutrition or a lack of sanitary facilities, and clean water. Another focus is also on gender equality and the inclusion of the disabled. Cooperation with local governments is important here as well, as they help to anchor the child's right to education at the state level and thus bring about lasting change for children.




Dr. Norman Goldberg

The best investment in the future is to invest in our children's education. With our current donation, we are making our contribution to the crisis management and support Save the Children in breaking the cycle of poverty on a sustainable basis, even beyond the time of the pandemic.

Dr. Normal Goldberg, CEO, tesa SE

A Strong Partner in Times of Crisis

Support for Syria and Türkiye

On February 6, 2023, a devastating earthquake hit southern Türkiye and northern Syria, affecting around 18 million people, including 6.2 million children. Just a few hours after the disaster, Save the Children was able to set up emergency aid with local partners. tesa was once again there for us as a reliable partner and provided additional financial support. 

Tents, blankets, food, and hygiene kits were distributed, water tanks were installed, and shelters and play areas were set up for children to help give them back a sense of normalcy. Thanks to the commitment of partners like tesa, we were able to reach around 586,951 on the ground, 318,657 of them children. We are currently working to transform the emergency aid into programs to strengthen the resilience of children and their communities in the long term.

Anastasiya, a Save the Children staff member, interviews Viktor, 14, and his parents at a club in Poltava, Ukraine

Supporting Ukrainian Children

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, more than 6.7 million people have had to flee, around half of them children. With support like tesa’s donation of 200,000 euros, we have been able to provide life-saving aid to 460,000 people since the outbreak of the war.

Our teams and partner organizations were able to organize an enormous emergency relief effort in Ukraine itself and in the neighboring countries of Poland, Romania, and Moldova as well as Lithuania and Germany within a very short time. As a result, we are deployed at various border crossings to support refugees with emergency aid, food, water, hygiene kits, and Child Friendy Spaces for children. In addition to setting up shelters and play areas, volunteers in Germany are also trained in psychological first aid so that they can respond appropriately to the needs of the children.

Emergency Corona Relief in India

Thanks to the additional 250,000 euros donated by tesa to Save the Children’s emergency relief efforts during the Covid-19 crisis in India, together we were able to reach more than 615,000 people. This ensured faster access to health services, especially in rural areas, and psychological support for children during the pandemic.

Dörte Besinger, Corporate Experience & CSR Manager at tesa

The partnership with Save the Children allows us to learn, as well as see where and how our support is most needed and can be used most effectively. It fills us at tesa with joy to give children a chance for a better future.

Dörte Besinger, Corporate Experience & CSR Managerin at tesa

Education connects. Together everywhere.

Six projects, three continents, and many children who can learn again - in 2020, tesa supported us under the motto "Education connects. Together everywhere." with a donation of one million euros! Financial support for children's rights organizations and local projects wherever there are tesa locations, was and is thus "neighborly help" in action. Our joint Corona relief projects in India, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Italy, and Germany ranged from distance learning to the regular provision of meals.

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